Pics of hot guys & SOME inked girls, along with some other stuff i find attractive. For those who find beauty where it is. Male & Female. ONE LOVE.... To view ALL my posts on the 1 page, try this great Tumblr app. @ Tumblr ID is: k-d-rey An easy way to view & save posts.. This blog is intended for a mature audience. If you are under 18 years of age, log off. Sexual identity is a combo platter. There's who you wanna do, who you are doing, and who you tell people you are. You can't control who you wanna do—sexual orientation is not a choice—but you get to choose who you wind up doing and who you tell people you are. Don't wanna have a miserable sex life? Do who you wanna do. Don't wanna be a messy closet case ? Tell the truth about who you're doing. It all seems so black and white, doesn't it? Maybe you're standing too far back. Pull in close and you'll be able to see the gray—grays like you & Me, guys who are flamboyantly, flamingly, screamingly gray. All images posted on this blog have been found and collected from the internet and are presented as visual inspiration for those viewing. These images are not presented as my own work, unless I note it under the specific post. Copyright still belongs to the owner / creator of each work. I don’t have any financial benefit from posting them. My only benefit is your enjoyment :) Hit Counters
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